Mendoan words ascribed Banyumasan language, which means pushing half-baked or soggy. Mendoan means cooking with hot oil that much so quickly that food is not cooked properly. Raw foods are most often made ​​mendoan tempeh and tofu.
Mendoan tempeh served in hot state is accompanied with a cayenne pepper or chili sauce. Mendoan tempeh can be used as a side dish meal or snack to accompany a cup of tea or coffee while relaxing.

Tempe mendoan easily found in traditional stalls in the ex residency Banyumas and Tegal. For Banyumas, travelers buy souvenirs in the area Sawangan mendoan Tempe, Navan, which is a typical hawker center Navan.

Taste the "unique" to make this food spread to other regions Banyumas. Tempe Mendoan can be found in major cities of Central Java, even down to Jakarta.


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