Wingko Babat

Wingko or often called Wingko tripe is a traditional food of Indonesia. Wingko is a kind of cake made from coconut and other ingredients. Wingko is very famous in the north coast of Java island. This cake is often sold at railway stations, bus stations or also in cake shops. On the island of Java, Wingko too often becomes a souvenir for the family, who made this famous cake.

Wingko usually circular and somewhat hard, and usually served in warm and cut into small pieces. Wingko can be sold in the form of large round or also in the form of small cakes wrapped in paper. The combination of sugar and coconut make this delicious cake. The price of this cake may vary depending on the place to sell and brand wingko this.

The most famous Wingko made in Semarang. This causes a lot of people think that wingko also comes from this city. Nevertheless, wingko tripe Tripe actually comes from. This is a small area in Lamongan, East Java. Tripe is located near the Bojonegoro, East Java, which is famous for its wood and because of newly discovered oil resources in this area.

In Tripe, which is a small town compared to Semarang, Wingko have an important role for economic growth in this area. There are many companies producing wingko which employed many people. Coconut is used to wingko material is taken from areas around here.

Currently wingko is famous food in Tripe and Semarang with different brands and the big sale. Many Wingko who currently use a Chinese name.


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