Wedang Ronde

Wedang rounde is a traditional beverage that comes from Java. Wedang itself means drinks. Wedang rounde ginger is steeping water containing balls, called rounds. Usually served with beans that are roasted, to and fro, and pieces of bread in the drink.

e itself is made from glutinous rice flour that contains peanuts and brown sugar. Contours chewy when bitten. And the inside will melt in our mouths. The main components in wedang rounde there are 2, they are Namely wedang ginger and rounde itself. If wedang rounde do not have rounde, then the drink is called wedang ginger. Since I am a few times to see friends who equate wedang ginger with wedang rounde.
Traders cart Wedang Round

Colorful round wedang material always attract my attention.

Drinks that use basic ingredients of ginger is believed to cure diseases of the throat, nausea or carsick, increase stamina, and give warmth to the body.

Wedang round has some kind of variation. I never met wedang rounds served with sticky tape. I also never met wedang rounds fed sweetened condensed milk (I do not like). How? Is it still choose beverages that are not healthy for your body warm


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