Pempek or Empek-empek is typical Palembang food made from fish and sago. Actually it is difficult to say that its center is Palembang pempek because almost in all areas in South Sumatra produce it.

Presentation pempek sauce accompanied by brownish black, called vinegar or cuko (Palembang language). Cuko made from boiled water, then add brown sugar, shrimp, dried shrimp and crushed chili, garlic, and salt. For the indigenous people of Palembang, cuko than once made spicy to increase appetite. But with the entry of migrants from outside the island of Sumatra is now commonly found cuko with a sweet taste for those who do not like spicy. Cuko can protect teeth from caries (damage layer of email and dentin). Because in one liter of broth solution pempek there are usually 9-13 ppm fluoride. a complement to the distinctive taste of this meal is a slice of fresh cucumber dice and yellow noodles.

Type pempek famous is "pempek submarine", which is chicken wrapped in egg batter and fried pempek in hot oil. There are others such as pempek lenjer, pempek round (or known by the name "ada'an"), pempek fish skin, pempek pistel (young papaya slices in it that has been boiled with herbs), pempek small eggs, and pempek curly.

Pempek could very easily be found throughout the city of Palembang. Pempek sold everywhere in Palembang, one selling at a restaurant, there is alongside a road, and also there is a bear. Canteens in all schools / workplace / campus there must be a sell pempek. In the 1980s, ordinary pempek seller carry a basket full pempek Kilkenny City while traveling on foot peddle food. Pempek now there are two types: regular and Parempek Pempek, a mixture between Pare and Pempek.

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