Mie Ongklok

When you visit the town of Wonosobo,in  Central Java, dont be surprised if later someone says to you: "you have never visited  Wonosobo if you dont eat ongklok noodles. " This is the tag line Wonosobo community pride when a friend or colleague a visit to his city. A lump of yellow noodles and cabbage plus slices of raw chives leaves inserted into a container resembling a filter, and then immersed into the hot sauce chicken berkaldu. The process of maturation of noodle and vegetable mix was done while in-ongklok-ongklok or in-opyok-opyok in hot sauce. Thus, it is called ongklok noodles. Once considered a bit cooked, then poured into a bowl and added with seasonings. After that doused with thick brown gravy mix batter starch (tapioca flour) and ebi (dried shrimp), then washed down with peanut sauce. Last sprinkled with fried onions before serving.


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