If you are in Yogyakarta, between the hours of 11 noon till 9 pm, do not forget to play the way Imogiri sempatkanlah East. From the intersection of Yogyakarta Giwangan Bus Terminal towards the tomb of King King Imogiri, exactly starting after the first quarter. Grojogan intersection. Emang what is it?.

Along that road there are about 30 stalls goat sate in just over 2.5 km of roads. So on average about every 80 meters there is a goat satay stall. People around there are many who might call "Satay Street".

What is special is klathak sate. Sate sate klathak is a young goat that only seasoned with salt only, so if the fuel will air "Klathak Klathak!". Sounds mean, because the salt burns. Believed to increase the passion and stamina efficacious man. But although only seasoned salt alone, really good tetep yes yes?.

Do not be surprised, if at lunchtime, many people are away in an office of about 10 kilogram of food on the road taking the sate.

The most sip, I think really, is the Sate Pak Hours. Precisely at Km 6.5 Petrol station opposite the Teak. There are writings. Under the mango tree. Do not be mistaken, because that's all around the gas station there are 4 adjacent satay stall. Secured a young goat. So soft. Per serving (2 skewers + Rice) just Rp. 13,000, - dah go mimuman.

In one day Mr. Jam "kill" 4-5 young goats. Even so, do not expect hours of 7 pm were still open. It is finished. Others are still open, though. Blom on out.

In addition there is also klathak Sate sate seasoning, Thenkleng, kikil, Lelung, Tongseng, fried rice etc. goats. But yes it was very special, Sate Klathak.

Or more greeng mo? Pesen just tongseng torpedoes!

So in a day, at the 2.5 km road section, approximately 90-100 young goat was taken right to life.

From the intersection toward the terminal Giwangan Imogiri king's tomb, when it passed trepiklet, then you are kebablasen. It passes from the zone satay street. Or emang mo to Imogiri?


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