gudeg jogja

Wijilan, Sentra Gudeg Jogja
Tell about gudeg Jogja, automatic  we will be focused on a village that is located on the east side of North Square Kraton Jogja. From this village, typical cuisine based 'Gori' has become popular until the entire world. No wonder tourists visiting Yogyakarta likely less complete if it did not eat warm in this place.
Gudeg stalls that lined the south Plengkung Tarunasura (Plengkung Wijilan) has a long history. Slamet's mother was the first person who started the business in 1942 warm stall. Several years later the shop warm in the region increased two, namely Cafes and Cafes Sari Mix warm Gudeg Djuwariah Mother who then called Gudeg Yu Djum so popular until now.
The three shops are able to survive warm up to 40 years. Unfortunately, the year 1980'an Mix Sari Shop closed. Just 13 years later came another warm stall with label Gudeg Mother Lies.
And until now, warm stalls that lined the road along this Wijilan no less than ten pieces.
Gudeg Wijilan indeed distinctive flavor, different from the warm in general. Gudegnya dry with a sweet taste. How to cook it any differently, young jackfruit (Gori) boiled over wait about 100 degrees Celsius for 24 hours to evaporate the liquid.
As a complementary side dishes, chicken meat and eggs are then boiled duck dipindang. While taste is a spicy blend of vegetables and sambal tempe krecek.
Resilience Wijilan gudeg is indeed suitable as souvenirs, because it is a warm dry, it is not perishable and can last up to 3 days. No wonder the warm of this Wijilan already "flying" into berpabagi corners of the country, even the world.
The price is varied, ranging from Rp 20,000, - to Rp 100,000, -, depending on the selected side dishes and types of packaging. Some even offer economical packages Rp 5,000, with a side dish tofu, tempeh, and eggs.
Like the warm-warm bottled elsewhere, by-the typical Jogja can be packaged interesting by using 'baskets' (place of woven bamboo) or use 'kendil' (urn of baked clay). Even more unique, some sellers are warm Wijilan will be happy to show the process of making gudegnya if the visitor chooses.
In fact, on stall Gudeg Yu Djum offer tour packages to cook dry warm for those who want to cook yourself. You will receive direct referrals from Yu Djum. All day you will learn to create a warm, from start chopping 'Gori', seasoning mix, making eggs pindang, until dry sauce warm over a fire.
Completing the warm rice dish would be more fitting Wijilan drink the pot with a sugar cube. Guaranteed you'll be hooked


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