Cassava are cassava in the peel, then dried in the sun to dry, if at Gunung Kidul usually dried in the sun on the rocks, so if one time fitting yam harvest season, when you go up the vehicle and saw from far away there is something that is dried on the rocks that it was white, then it is Cassava. One result is food processed from Gaplek GATOT. Gatot origin of cassava and then cooked, was given sugar for sweet, and after ready, it served by giving grated coconut [dikrawu kambil], with the given grams of taste, be GATOT taste, sweet, savory at the same time. So delicious.


Angkringan Jogja said... at 13 June 2011 at 12:10

“Wedang Uwuh Angkringan Jogja”

Traditional herb drinks made from 100% natural herb that has been handed downsince the time of the Kings of Mataram.

"Wedang uwuh" is a typical natural traditional drink made from Jogjakarta natural spices with the aroma of fresh herbs and spice flavors unique & delicious, is also rich in benefits for health.

Since the days preceding ancestors, the ingredients of "Wedang uwuh" is believed to relieve and prevent colds and mild cough, throat, accelerate blood circulation, relieve pain, fatigue, aches, bloating, etc..

Currently herb "Wedang uwuh Angkringan Jogja" increasingly popular and widely consumed to keep warm, maintaining fitness and vitality.

Angkringan Jogja Profile

Manufacturers' Wedang uwuh "branded" Angkringan Jogja "Traditional health drink made from Jogjakarta typical ingredients 100% natural spices packed withPaper Pouch Sachet & Bag Classical form: Instant, Racikan, Bags & Syrup.

To order products, cooperation Distribution & Agents throughout IndonesiaContact:
- 081392977979 (Telkomsel)
- 081904131899 (XL)
- 02747849189. (Flexi)
- 0101702747849189. (Flexi for outside the city of Yogyakarta, the tariff of Rp100, -/minute)


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“Wedang Uwuh Angkringan Jogja”

Minuman ramuan tradisional terbuat dari 100% rempah alami yang sudah turun temurun sejak zaman Raja-raja Mataram.

“Wedang Uwuh” merupakan minuman tradisional alami khas Jogjakarta yang terbuat dari rempah-rempah alami dengan aroma menyegarkan serta cita rasa rempah herbal unik & nikmat, juga kaya akan khasiat untuk kesehatan.

Sejak zaman nenek moyang terdahulu, bahan ramuan “Wedang Uwuh” dipercaya dapat meringankan serta mencegah masuk angin & batuk ringan, melegakan tenggorokan, memperlancar peredaran darah, menghilangkan nyeri, capek, pegal, kembung dsb.

Saat ini ramuan“Wedang Uwuh Angkringan Jogja” makin digemari & banyak dikonsumsi untuk menghangatkan badan, menjaga kebugaran serta vitalitas.

Profil Angkringan Jogja

Produsen “Wedang Uwuh“ bermerk ”Angkringan Jogja” minuman kesehatan Tradisional khas Jogjakarta yang terbuat dari bahan 100% rempah-rempah alami dikemas dengan Kantung Kertas Klasik berupa Sachet & Tas : Instan, Racikan, Celup & Sirup.

Untuk pemesanan produk, kerjasama Distribusi & Agen di seluruh Indonesia hubungi :
- 081392977979 ( Telkomsel )
- 081904131899 ( XL )
- 02747849189. ( Flexi )
- 0101702747849189. ( Flexi untuk luar kota Jogja, tariff Rp 100,-/menit)

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